Stamp Camp - Rudolph Christmas Card

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Stamp Camp - Rudolph Christmas Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This was my second favorite project even though I did not care for the coloring aspect of this project.

The issue with the coloring was twofold.  First, I was not impressed with the lack of ink colors, we were just provided brown and red. I would have liked to color the hooves and antlers a grey. The second issue for me was that shimmer white is not a watercolor paper so you have to be very careful not to pill the paper. I don't think this was a good exercise in coloring even though the end product was very cute. Call me a snob, but I think we needed a true watercolor paper to color on and more colors. Ok, so given the cost of watercolor paper, and the limited time we still could have used a third color for the hooves and antlers without too much risk of going over the time alotment.

Again, in the end the card came out very cute, thus my placement of it as my second favorite card.

Stamp Camp - Rudolph Christmas Card Back | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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This was also one of my 2 favorites that we made at camp. 

It is a very cute card and I know that is a challenge for you with less color options. Great Christmas card...


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