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Video - Spring Cards Using Playing In The Rain - Coloring Clouds As Many Ways As I Can Think Of

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This fun video explores all of the ways to color the clouds in the Playing In The Rain stamp set using Stampin' Up! products.

I have notes written and extra still images throughout the video and at the end.

Feel free to stop and rewind as you need to practice these techniques as I demonstrate them. Enjoy!

Video - Episode 53 - Brutfuner 120 Squares Detailed Walkthrough - Storage, Barrels, Cores, Swatches, Color Combos, Tests, Projects

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I did some digging and found color lists for three of the four coloring projects I shared in this episode. All were colored with this lovely set of pencils.

Eye Study on kraft paper (colored along with a very old Chris Cheng tutorial)
These were the closest match to the Prismacolors Chris used:...

Video - Episode 49 - Crayola 100 + 24 Colors Of The World Skin Tones Detailed Walkthrough

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Colors used on the R.J. Hampson free February coloring page:

Background: BG000, N2
Globe: Sky Blue, True Blue, Blue, Tropical Rain Forest, Shamrock, White
Globe Stand: Mahogany, Light Brown, Bronze Yellos, Dark Brown, Black
Mr. Fogherty:

  • Jacket - Outer Space, Gray
  • Pants - Gray,
  • ...

Kalour 180 3.8mm Black Barrel Detailed Walkthrough - Barrels, Swatches, Color Combinations, Frogs, Coloring Page, Slideshow

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Here is the color list for the astronaut coloring page. Since I had not completed the page at the time of the video, I will update this list when it is finished.



  • 020 Sky Blue
  • 159 Light Jade Green
  • 005 Dark Purple

Color Me This Episode 35 - Pencil Worksheet That Is Great For Beginners - Getting to know how to use colored pencils

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Are you like me and want to share the magic of colored pencils with anyone who is willing to try them? Do the people you think would enjoy using them say they have had trouble trying them for one reason or another?

Here's a worksheet that I think will help a beginner get to know how colored pencils work, without overwhelming them.

I've tweaked this form over the first few...

Episode 28 - Marie's 168 Temu Haul - FREE Label Downloads + Getting The Most From Temu Coupons - Marie's 168 Oil Pencils WIP

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Here's a summary of how I utilize Temu coupons.

Temu advertises "sets" of coupons with a total of all discounts combined. Each set of coupons is only good for about 24 to 36 hours and you will see a countdown timer as soon as you make a qualifying purchase. Typical qualifying amounts are $29, $39 and $49. I wait until the amount is $29.

Temu will not disclose up front what the...