How Did We Do It? Part One

I don't want this blog to be a detailed financial discourse, nor will I be posting our nest egg changes or monthly expenses as on some blogs. However, I do want to answer the burning question... How were we able to retire at 49?

Here it goes...

First a brief financial history of us:

DH worked his entire career at one company doing one type of work. He is(was) a licensed commercial electrician. It was never a job he wanted, he was offered the work at 18 and it paid the bills so he never left. Eventually that job became a big life suck and he came to hate it.

My job history is very different. Though I only worked at two companies and in mostly technical roles, I loved my work. I was very good at maneuvering my job changes to put me in roles I enjoyed. I also ran side gigs throughout these years to pay for my expensive hobbies(horses, golf, skiing etc.). I logged alot of 80+ hour weeks over the course of many years, and still fit in my hobbies.

We had few financial issues, or money woes. We spent well under our earnings, purchasing smaller fixer upper homes and buying used cars. We carried a mortgage and at times had one car payment, but never did we have two car payments and more often than not we owned all of our cars. DH ended up being my number one helper with all of my side gig activities so it isn't like he was a slacker.

We weren't 100% frugal as I still had my very expensive hobby of owning and showing horses at a very high level (think expensive) and our last residence was a four bedroom two bath rambler on almost 1/2 acre with an in-ground swimming pool. Nope, no need to feel sorry for us one bit!

On to Part Two...



Any interest in including a few more travel safety resources on your site?

If so, here are several to choose from (feel free to include all or none):

Safe travels,

PS please let me know if this information is not of interest to you; I will be sure to make a note of that!



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