Paper Pumpkin Sentiments By Kit Name Look Up Tool

Note: I have loaded this tool with all sentiments I personally own which is January 2018 to now. If you would like to help fill up this search, Please send me an image of any kit's stamps with their release month and kit name. Don't hesitate to Email me with any errors you find and/or suggestions you have!

Hints: Choose your search operator i.e. "starts with" or "contains" are great general search operators, but feel free to explore the more specific ones. Note that the search is not case sensitive, BUT, I've entered the text in its "actual" case. Use the details field to help identify which sentiment you are after, and then confirm by clicking on the image link to see what the set image looks like (this is the catalog image).

For example. To search for "hi" use "is equal to" or you will get all sentiments that include words that contain "hi" in them such as "things" or "thinking".

column definitions
Sentiment = what the stamp says in its actual case(upper or lower)
Set Date | Kit Name | Font info = Release month | Name of the kit | font information.

Sentiment Kit Date - Kit Name - Font details
hello extra large bouncy hand lettered cursive
HELLO medium serif
Hello small unique block serif