My Paper Pumpkin Journey

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription kit. You cannot buy a kit directly, you have to subscribe. Once you have subscribed, you will have access to purchase any extra old kits available on the Stampin' Up! website on the Paper Pumpkin past kits and refills page. 

Subscribe with me now-> LINK

My husband and were nomads for over six years, moving around full time in our fifth wheel trailer. We recently landed in a permanent home and I am developing relationships in my new community. Paper pumpkin will always be a big part of my online crafting Youtube channel. I love to converse with crafters through comments and threads. 

Before I was a demonstrator, I bought random Paper Pumpkin kits when they would go on clearance - which alas only happens once a year. I like that the kit comes with a unique stamp set, one or two inks, adhesives, die cuts and the base (could be card, giftbag, tag) to put them on. 

I was concerned about shipping because I used to always on the move. Paper Pumpkin ships USPS so if you are in a campground that accepts USPS, you can ship it there, the shipping date range is from the 10th to the 20th of the month so make sure you will be at your shipping address during those dates:). You CAN also ship to a USPS post office using General Delivery which I have done many times.

The kit is 23.50 plus tax, and...when I traveled full time, I altered my mailing address before the 10th of every month to either the RV campground/resort or the nearest post office using General Delivery. An added bonus is that once you are a subscriber you are able to purchase extra kits when they are available.

Each kit varies. It could be a card kit one month and a gift bag kit the next month. I am very much a cardmaker so I like that these kits will push me beyond my comfort zone. 

Getting back to the online community. I create alternative projects from each Paper Pumpkin kit. I focus on A2 size cards and like to show a range of options from beginning stamper cards to many layers avid crafter cards. I always end the video with a slideshow of at least 20, yup, 20 layouts to help inspire you! Watch -> ALL OF MY PAPER PUMPKIN VIDEOS

Paper Pumpkin perks program (4P) - when you subscribe to Paper Pumpkin with me as your demonstrator, I will send you a handmade thank you card every three months and a small selection of past kit alternative cards every six months. All you need to do is keep subscribing and you will receive these periodic perks (if you suspend your subscription, the 4P cycle will restart when you activate again.) I also may include some sample supplies from current Stampin' Up! catalogs for you to try out. This is my free gift to you for subscribing through me. I appreciate your business! -> short 4P video

I would love to be your demonstrator should you choose to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin, just use this link ->SUBSCRIBE TO PAPER PUMPKIN NOW, My name is Tracy Lewis if you want to verify that I am selected as your demonstrator.

Other Kit resources:

Thanks for stopping by!



Hi, just wanted to let you know I found you on Utube and I love what you do with the paper pumpkin. My husband and I bought a used 5th wheel, maybe it would be nice to camp in the same area and we could craft together with paper pumpkin. Sorry, should have told you I am a demonstrator here in Hoquiam, Wa. I lived in Everett years ago, at Silver Lake. You are doing my dream by traveling around in an RV. Hope to meet you one say.


Kathlene, It is lovely to meet you! I am glad you enjoy my Paper Pumpkin videos, I love to make them! It would be fun to craft with you while camping! I am going to be back in this area next summer, we are heading to Florida soon for OnStage. We will do some sightseeing along the way.  I am so excited as I have never been to one:)  Keep in touch... ~Tracy



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