What Do We Do All Day?

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My mom just asked me this today. I am sure anyone who is not retired wonders what do retired people do to fill their day, especially if they travel full time. Don't they get bored?

Since we move to a new area every three weeks, we reserve part of our day to check out where we are staying. It might be a walk or hike on trails in our campground. If there is disc golf or a field nearby we will always spend time working on that hobby, not every day but just about every day. We drive around to check out the area, take pictures of anything cool we see, find the store etc. We like to do our sightseeing after breakfast and we are usually home in the afternoons before 3pm.

We also have regular things that need to be done, just like at home. Things like cleaning and washing everything, like the vehicles is constantly ongoing. The one task that takes up more time on the road than it did at home is organizing. We are always, always having to take things out in a certain order, then put them back away with the goal of knowing what is where at all times.

We have two pantries, the one in our kitchen which is quite spacious and then we have four matching tubs in the basement with dry foods and paper supplies. We had a huge stash of supplies at home so we are in the habit of shopping in our stash BEFORE we buy more at the store so that is an active task we have to work on. Many times we are too lazy to go shop in our basement, it is easier to just buy more noodles for .79 than dig through our storage for a package.

Our rentals need attention here and there. We review and approve all maintenance quotes, new and updated leases and there is the bookkeeping for taxes to keep up with.

I have my papercrafting hobby, including a variety of web activities like writing articles and creating videos. I do this daily. Hub works on his book, which is really more like world building, character development and scene writing. He hasn't yet narrowed his creativity to the first book yet.  He also gives me writing assignments at times. We both contribute to our travel blog on the web to keep family and friends updated on our adventures.

We pay monthly for an unlimited data plan, not the silly current unlimited plans out there, ours is limited to one terabyte a month, not this meager 22 gig stuff. So we have access to all the streaming services but only pay for them periodically.

YouTube is our go to streaming site. Hub watches sci fi and fantasy movie shorts and we both watch disc golf tournaments, they are posted to YT almost weekly all summer long. I have Amazon Prime and download shows to watch because Hub likes all the bandwidth to play his game.

When we are at a location with very good broadband access I will buy a month of Netflix, Hulu or Sling. Many places we stay have inconsistent broadband which makes streaming a very unpleasant experience and thus not worth the money.

We both play World of Warcraft but I only play one character and Hub has a fleet of characters. We play offline games as well, buying them from Steam. Fallout 4 DLC (extra content) was our latest offline game, we had ZERO broadband at Pacific City for three weeks and we were ready with some fresh content to churn through.

I could go on and on. Apparently we are a very busy retired couple. I cannot imagine how we would be able to fit in a day job again. I hope this will convince my mom that we are indeed keeping busy enough.

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Well its nice to see your are keeping busy. Its all about adventure and having fun. Enjoy mom...


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