Fall Colors Are Beautiful In Washington!

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Fall Colors Are Beautiful In Washington! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Yesterday was moving day! For many, many years I had travelled the first weekend in October to Wenatchee for the end of the season reining show. I always loved the drive because the fall colors were so beautiful that time of year. It has been 5 years now since I made that trip and we drove it yesterday to our temporary housing as we finish preparation for our journey to Texas. Since we just had the transmission rebuilt, taking it over Stevens Pass was a perfect test. I'd already made a reservation at the Leavenworth Thousand Trails as one leg of our journey down south and I kept it instead for our test of the truck. 

I also tried to get in at Thunderbird in Monroe and they were booked. So the drive here was of course spectacular. Lots of fiery red, orange and bright yellow. 

The campground is not very full and we found a good sewer spot which of course makes DH happy. 

The site we picked is nestled in maple leaves so were surrounded in yellow to light orange. I love the sandy light dirt and white gravel throughout the park. On the way we drove through a controlled burn with firefighters putting out a fire right by the road. I've never seen that.

Ah, and there is a disc golf course here at the campground, but the sites are far from it. We will drive there tomorrow and will check it out. I just hope the grass is mowed or it will be like an easter egg hunt finding our discs and that is no fun at all.

I should also state that this isn't even close to the Leavenworth everyone is familiar with. It is in the "city limits" of that Leavenworth, yes, but it is many miles away from the Bavarian tourist part Leavenworth is known for. We are 10 miles on highway 207 just a few miles from the town of Plain. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

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