And This Is Why You MUST Turn Off Your Water When You Leave

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And This Is Why You MUST Turn Off Your Water When You Leave | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Ok folks, we've been diligently turning off our water since we moved into our trailer. On Monday we left in the AM and turned the water off. One thing was different however, DH had moved our scale from between the sink/shower to between the wall/toilet. It is quite heavy. Upon our return that afternoon I turned the water back on.

We had been grocery shopping and were busy bringing in the bags, then DH started putting stuff away. He stopped to use the bathroom about 5 minutes after we'd returned. He opens the bathroom door and I hear a "What the...." - the toilet was overflowing with water. Somehow the scale had tipped against the back of the foot pedal putting just enough pressure to fill the toilet, and keep filling it.

We ended up with water on part of the bathroom floor and it had seeped unter the wall into the hall and onto a small part of the bedroom carpet. It went right down to the basement storage in one corner because of the toilet plumbing. And all this happened in five minutes! 

Can you imagine the huge mess we would have come home to had the water been left on? Who knows when the scale tipped toward the toilet. 

Following our regular routine and turning the water off saved us from a disaster!

As it was we had to pull out everything from the basement and put fans on overnight. Anything of value from the basement got to snuggle up with us in the living space. I had to stay home the next day so the basement could air out. We cannot leave everything wide open and run a heater and fans if someone is not there. We needed to get it dry to reload because moving day was Wednesday.

I cannot stress it enough, DO NOT leave your water on when you are in a trailer. Even at my mom's we always turned the water off when we left for any amount of time. 


Here's some other excitement we had while staying in Mount Vernon.

DH left the screen door open and not half an hour later a squirrel came in, and didn't see us, when DH asked him what he needed, he freaked and ran back out. So then what does DH do? He leaves a few cashews outside the door which of course makes us this squirrel's best friend and every time we open the door he is right there begging for a snack.

Two nights after the Squirrel event, I am up in bad watching a show and I hear a "SHEESH" and the trailer shakes. I call out asking what's up. DH says a mouse just came in through the louvers then he turned around and went back out. Not wanting to have a mouse living in our house we had to get traps and get rid of him before we moved.

It took two kinds of traps to finally get him. The first failure was the old fashioned cheap wood trap, DH put peanut butter on it and it ate the PB off two times! Next up, and what worked was the sticky trap style. We absolutely could not let him get injured and camp out somewhere in the basement or walls, so sticky trap it was.

We found him in that trap with a pistachio clutched in his paws. That means he successfully circumvented the sticky trap coming in, but forgotit was there when he exited. He fell right onto it nose first when he had his paws full of food. He was a tricksy little mouts for sure.

Always keep your screen door closed and be prepared for small critters to come in from any nook or cranny, because they will come in, its only a matter of time!

We were complaining about the boring wildlife in Washington compared to California, I am sure that is what jinxed us to having these pesky wildlife invaders.

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Great story welcome to living in the wild. who is DH? hmm


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