Still In Washington Prepping To Winter In Texas

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Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have been crazy busy since we returned to our home area. I attended my crafting retreat which rocked. We took care of our annual Dr. visits. We did some work on our rentals. We ordered alot of supplies we'd been holding off on due to mail delivery limitations that are typical of RV living in campgrounds.

I visited where I worked for 21 years, which I affectionately now call MegaCorp:) They are still working on their web redesign, talk about taking forever! Which reminds me, DH hounded me to re-host my website, so I did! I have used GoDaddy hosting for 11 years. I did some research on recommeded Drupal hosting providers and chose Green Geeks. Wow are they good! I bought three years of hosting (do this for the best rate) and they migrated my site for me for FREE. It was all done in less than 48 hours! I did a review of my site and switched the DNS over a couple of hours later. I can't believe I waited so long! If you use my referral banner on the right we will receive a small kickback that will help pay for our site. Thanks!

We finally had our truck's transmission checked out. We knew because of its strange shifting that it would likely need replacing. For the year of truck we own, the transmission is a known weak point. The transmission place found alot of aging issues with it but felt it was one of the better transmissions made for this truck and that we should rebuild rather than replace it. We also had the fluids replaced while it was on the lift. I had budgeted 5k for the transmission back when we purchased it and I was thrilled that we got away with a $3700 bill in the end!

We will be staying in Washington two more weeks to finish up the last of our home chores and then we will start our trek to Texas. I have made reservations through January 10th to ensure we aren't homeless during the holidays.

Today's picture is of our rig with the slides in and everything stowed for travel. It looks messy because we end up with many items tucked on the couch, theater seats and in the sinks. I like to leave a toilet paper roll sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter in front of the sink. Not only is it for our use if we need to stop but if it is still there when we reach our destination, we know we've driven well. I would say 90% of the time that tissue roll is still sitting in the same place. We are good drivers:) DH does all of the highway driving and I do all of the parking so it is a shared responsibility.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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