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Russian River Resort Our Spot - Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We set out early this morning on a four hour jaunt down Highway 101 going from Klamath RV Park down to Cloverdale. Because of all of the damage done to the highway over the winter, it took us over five hours. I don't envy motorcycles on this part of 101 at all! Both days were grueling. We are now staying at Russian River Resort.

We arrived just before 2pm. This resort was someone's wild dream. I can see why there are no sewers. It is all paved which is a plus but it is so hilly, treed and tight that the asphalt is grooved with years of scrapes from rigs. the lengths of the spots varies wildly, some super short, others very long, kind of a hodge podge. 

The ranger was very nice and because of how gnarly the loops are to traverse, she guided us to our most likely spots to fit us and that were easy to get to. Loops C and D were amazing to drive through (without our trailer thank goodness!). I don't know how some of those 40 ft diesel pushers got where they are parked! Cars and trucks are oozing out the ends of spots that combined with the trees, make getting through those loops hard for me in the dually with no trailer in tow.

We opted for a pull thru that has a stand of pushy green foliage that will block afternoon sun and provides us privacy if we want to sit outside. It was the spot she recommended first to us.The ironic part of this trip is today was 83 degrees and sunny and tomorrow and the following night are 90% chance of rain. 

I noticed as I drove through the park that many motorcycles and cars were covered in anticipation of the rain. 

There is no room for our practice disc golf basket, but we have seven or so disc golf courses less than an hour away so we will likely be getting in lots of "real" disc golf. Our previous location was over an hour to any course so we used our basket in the field and drove to a nearby soccer field to do field work with our distance drivers. We've been watching putting videos and are trying to change up our technique which is very hard. 

Did I mention that we need to wash our rig. Both the truck and trailer are filthy! California restricts water usage so on our return trip home we will pay the $5 to wash up!

Russian River Resort Shady Side - Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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