Two Peas in a Pod

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Sometimes my husband does something completely extraordinary. We are prepping our home to sell. It has an in ground swimming pool. The pool is over 40 years old. Around the pool are large cement slabs and on the north side two of those slabs have sunk. They've sunk quite far and for years we would make our nieces and their friends watch for stubbed toes on that side while running and being kids. So, the other night he shows me a thick drill bit and a hook and tells me he has an idea. He wouldn't tell me what it was. I came home from work and he was so excited! He said come look at what I've done, my idea worked GREAT!

I didn't get a picture of that first unveiling. Where he successfully used his heavy duty car jack to jack up one of the slabs and pour cement down under it. VOILA. It worked!

So yesterday he took on slab #2. This time the task was harder and when he raised up one side, the other would sink. So... this is what finally worked. He has a second smaller jack and he built up both sides. and as you can see that slab is now lined up with both sides. 

I find it ironic, all these things he is suddenly devising solutions for to make our house absolutely perfect for the next buyers! I myself stubbed a toe or two in the last 14 years because of those darn slabs. But hooray to the hubby for DIYing something so unique! We both enjoy tackling a problem ourselves and figuring out how to overcome something, or make something that we need versus running out and buying it.

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