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Mount Vernon RV Campground | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Thunderbird is restricted to two week stays during their peak season so we moved up to Mount Vernon on Wednesday. We scheduled warranty work on our fifth wheel for the next day. The only major issue is a tear from a branch in our roof. It happened very recently and the dealer said it is an insurance claim to replace that repairs do not do well. So we will have to put in a claim with our insurance. A few parts have to be ordered. Jayco's turnaround on parts is three weeks. 

We have learned to read the reviews for each park before we check in so we have an idea of what to expect. Mount Vernon has 225 sites, but only 17 have sewer. We read that they recently started activitly monitoring these sites via a signup sheet they maintain. Campers were bickering over these sites so to stop all that, the rangers took over. When I checked in I asked to be put on the list. She walked over to the wall and said that there was one sewer site available so of course I took it.

I made a reservation for 11 days as we were not sure if we wanted to stay the full 21. The first night we stayed hooked up, it was our first night of doing so and we did open two of the three slides. We slept at an angle, but it was alright. The next morning we left early to drop off the rig. Then we ran errands and played some golf. 

The disc golf course we went to is a difficult course so we stopped after the third hole. There are so many sticker bushes and we were throwing pretty erratic since it's been six weeks since we last played. We decided to head to the local soccer field to throw. Field work is always fun and gets you back in the throwing groove. I will say my putting was spot on.

We got our rig back with most items resolved, and a couple of items that are waiting for parts. We setup our camp and I called to extend our stay as we both like it here, and with a sewer site it was a no brainer to stay here for 3 weeks. We took a nap and then went for a walk. 

I still have not quite recovered from the lack of sleep at the retreat and look forward to sleeping in this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!



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