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I thought I'd better post an update even if it isn't a very exciting one.

Our trailer axle is due to arrive at the dealer around 5/14. Ironically Hub has decided to pursue a minor surgery on his foot since we've had these delays. He is having a Morton's Neuroma removed on 5/14. We were surprised that the surgeon had an opening so soon and he took it. If the trailer is ready on time, they will have to keep it another week or so until hub can help me move it.

I am comfortable hitching and towing, but sometimes our hitch pin is hard to release. Hub needs to be well enough to climb a two step ladder and pull hard if need be.  I find it somewhat annoying that our retirement setup has one step in the process that I cannot always do. Every setup prior to this one I could handle 100% which was required because I was often solo. Perhaps this year I will figure out what the trick to ensure I can always unhitch. 

The weather has finally turned a corner and we have more nice days than not. Even with the nice days it is still very mucky at our local disc golf courses, we've been playing disc golf whenever we can. I'd forgotten how painful Twin Rivers DGC is. So much bushwhacking! Were talking blackberry bushes AND stinging nettles. I am glad we don't have to look out for poison oak here. I play a thousand percent worse at Twin Rivers than anywhere else. We also encounter some bushwhacking at Church Creek, but not as much.

I managed to lose one of Hub's discs on hole 3 at Church Creek. I threw poorly with my disc so hub hands me his ROC3 and gives me some instructions. I executed beautifully... but way too far and it went over a very steep nettles infested slope. Neither of us had managed to throw in that direction before so we didn't pay close enough attention. Someone will find a very nice champion plastic disc this winter when everything is dead. 

One of the downfalls of improving your disc golf game is that you throw farther than expected at random times. I do not consistently throw far, especially with a midrange disc, but this one flew a mile. I threw it from a standstill no less.

We have been walking as much as possible knowing that in another week Hub will be out of commission for a bit. He will be able to walk on the foot, but can only be on it for short periods of time. The stitches have to stay in for at least two weeks if not a little longer, the incision has to be closed up all the way due to the location.

The most common mistake patients make is to overdo it and then the foot swells. The trick is to keep the swelling down the first few weeks. Hub is used to being the nurse, now its his turn to show me what a good patient is like. I am a very bad patient, frequently overdoing things and then I get into trouble. 

On a side note we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary on the 5th. We will do something special after we are back to RV living.

Today's picture is of a bridge and glass art at Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens

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