Travel Update - We Are In Limbo - Still

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Life right now is pretty much in Limbo. We await the finalization of all of our insurance claims. Of course even in limbo, "stuff" happens and I have a story to share.  My mom has a 3/4 ton truck she doesn't use often. It is primarily used for hauling her horses. 

We came and picked it up and from the get go I noticed it stayed very cold and didn't hear the heater fan. By day three I was convinced the fan was not working. It is all digital and the digital readout displayed but I could hear no fan.

She took it in to the local mechanic and $230 later the fan motor was fixed. 

We've had it back now three days and this morning Hub called me over and had me look at the truck which we can see from our window. It looked like the shock absorber came free on one side. I went out and sure enough it seemed someone welded the attachment together and the weld broke. So now back to my mom it has to go... again. It is a good thing her husband is a welder. Hub teased me saying we need to return it before the infamous third thing goes wrong with it.

I sure hope we get everything fixed with it before she needs to haul one of her horses somewhere!

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