We Are Finally Back On The Road!

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We Are Finally Back On The Road! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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We were so busy when we first picked up our new fifth wheel that we had no choice but to park it where we were staying. Then sadly we ignored it for the most part as we worked through a few commitments. I had a craft retreat, then I helped my mom after her back surgery. In between these two commitments I helped Hub with a rehab project at one of our rentals.

We were given notice months in advance that a long term tenant (17 years!) was getting married and would be leaving. She did end up moving earlier which was both goog and bad. It was good that we were home and could be involved, but bad because insurance had just settled on the trailer so we could finally get a new one.

It all worked out just fine. We got to exercise our rusty home rehab skills which saved us a good chunk of money. I have a series of short videos of the project including a final walkthrough of the completed unit. I have pics of a fun outdoor project we worked on today. It is the ONLY day of no rain in many weeks with a full week of rain coming. We had to run down there to pressure wash the north side of the building. 

What I love the most about pressure washing is the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labor as you work. 

Ok, back to being on the road. Easter Sunday I came home from my mom's and spent all afternoon loading the trailer. Hub had done a significant amount of shopping (remember we had NOTHING) I was gone for most of his shopping and loved everything he purchased. He also borrowed a few items to get us by while we shop for the rest of what we need. Monday Hub had to "convert" our truck back to fifth wheel towing duty from rental rehab hauler. 

By 1:30 we were figuring out the auto-leveling system. We got that ironed out without too much trouble and once hitched up, off we went to one of the local Thousand Trails. The first site we picked had a funky downhill turn that made it difficult to back in so I suggested we move one site down, where it was a straight shot. What can I say, my parking skills are rusty. This trailer is shorter, but heavier and I could feel the difference.

We really do love the auto-leveling system. We have had to manually level all of our rigs so this was our very first time not having to fuss with wood and plastic step risers. We simply pushed a button and magic happened. I swear our old trailer was crooked inside up in the bath/bedroom area. This trailer is very, very level. It is even a straight shooter when hooked up. Our old trailer was a half ton model so it traveled butt down, nose up which always annoyed Hub.

So, were back living in the trailer and we've finished all but a couple of tasks at our rehab unit. We are now ready for a week of rain, and a break!

Rehab Complete!| Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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