An Elf Mage On His Dragon - Complete!

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Elf Mage On Dragon | Tracy Marie Lewis |

After finishing the Yak Dragon project I was ready to tackle my current favorite coloring page from any of Nathaniel Wake's adult coloring books that I own. This is one of the most advanced images of his in addition to being my favorite.

I did not want to make a coloring mistake so I started with a copy on 20lb copy paper and flicked the intended colors on lightly. Here is what it looks like finished with some colors noted as well as changes. I scrapped the whole orange section and called it out as green but did not feel I had to recreate a full mockup. Elf Dragon Mock Up | Tracy Marie Lewis |
I wasn't happy with the bright green dragon, however, so I did go ahead and starte the yellow-greens that I call "khaki" on a second mock up sheet of copy paper. 
Dragon Eye Mock Up | Tracy Marie Lewis |
I was brave and colored the orange area on the Copic paper without a draft. I used the eye mockup and went very slow to ensure I did not make a mistake. 

I really like how this one turned out. The only lore mistake I made was the blue sky. I colored a dark elf and of course they spend most if not all of their time in the Underdark (using Forgotten Realms as the world for my dark elf). But lore aside, the bright blue adds alot to the colored image so I did it anyways. Hub was appalled, but says I am forgiven.

Total time to color start to finish 5 hours over three evenings.

Here's the colors used:

Dragon: W1, 3, YG93, 95, 97, 99

Horns & Throne: E40, 41, 42, W1, 3, 5

Dragon's Eyes: Y21, YR21, 23

Elf Coloring: N0, 2, 4

Elf Mage Clothing: BV04, 08, 11, 20

Gold Trim: Y11, 15, 28

Gems: RV17, 19, FBG2

Sky: B00

White gel pen for highlights.

Supplies Used In This Project: 

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