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Cozy Cottage In Winter | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Fellow crafter friend and retreat buddy Libby asked me to color her Cozy Cottage. I said sure, and then she says, but... I want you to color it in a fall or winter theme. I then asked if she would like me to use her Copic markers. She has a very specific set to be used for coloring her favorite items. Her collection doesn't quite fill up a 36 slot Copic case.

I accepted the challenge. I first colored a light base leaving alot of white which would be the "snow" of the winter theme.

After the base colors in each area was applied, I went one to two markers darker for the shadows. 

Finally I used her only greys which are the cool grays to deepen and darken the shadows behind the cottage.

I also used white for the cottage trim to keep the color light. The biggest mistake a budding colorist makes is adding too much color. White is a very important part of a colored image. The same goes for the darkest dark. You don't need much of each extreme, but without white and dark, a colored picture will look flat and unrealistic.

Here are the colors used (all Sketch markers):

Cottage walls: E53, 55

Door: E55, E57, E59 (Note: Libby has one Original marker with bullet nib for hair so I used that for wood grain on the door E59)

Chimney: C1, C3, C5 and then I applied a little bit of E50, E51

Rock Path: C1, E50 Steps: C1, C3

Trees- G43, C1, C3, C5, (C7 only in the farthest shadows)

Shrubs - G29, C1, C3, C5

Grass - G40, C1, C3

Smoke (I created the smoke, it is not part of the cottage stamp) - C1, C3

The Cozy Cottage stamp set is a host reward. You can either host an event, or just place your own order on my web store (all supplies linked below take you to directly to is) with a minimum of $150 (pre-tax, pre-ship) and you can chose this stamp set as your reward. Please email me with any questions, I would love to help you get this set!

I have returned the colored image to Libby, with a challenge to make it into something special.

Supplies Used In This Project: 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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