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A Goblin And His Yak Dragon | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Hub bought me a couple more coloring books by Nathaniel Wake. Some of his creations are not quite accurate, for instance he doesn't create realistic horses. I have to give some of his artistic interpretations a pass. If I were to be super picky I wouldn't buy any coloring books. Overall I do like his work. I am part of his FB fan group and he posted a request to push for 550 FB group members. Once he hit that number (which happened quickly) he then offered a free digital PDF to each member in exchange for an Amazon review after coloring some images from it. I asked for Dragon Life ll. 

This image is one of the more advanced images in Dragon Life ll. The book contains images to satifsy a variety of skill levels. If I could, I would tailor make my own coloring books with only advanced images, AND they would need to have either a dragon handler, rider in it or more than one dragon doing something. This is a posed image, like a portrait for the goblin's mantle or something so it isn't my ideal project, but I thought it would be a good coloring test for me. 

I used Copic Sketch markers and in a couple of cases, the chisel end of an Original marker if I did not have the Sketch version available.

I took the liberty to give the Yak Dragon as I call him, a pink nose, just because I could. I gave the goblin a little bit of gold trim, but not alot as the goblin doesn't look overtly wealthy and because I envision them in a cold climate they both have blue eyes. I never felt that my current selection of Copic Markers was limiting, I currently own 188 carefully selected markers. I have a sheet of blended color sets to choose from which speeds up the color selection phase. A few choices were obvious, like the goblin color set of course had to be khaki green. Hub asked for the dragon's horns to be glossy obsidian.  

I have two different browns that range from very light to very dark so I chose the E4x series for the dragon and the E3x series for the goblin's animal skin trappings. The goblin's kilt started out as E5x as I was going after a shaggy animal skin but it was too clean looking so I went over it with the Wx's. The largest range of gray I have is the Nx which I have from N0 to N7, the even numbers and N7 is an Original Marker with chisel and super fine nib. So far N7 has been plenty dark enough. The Nx set became the dragon's back features. I like the Wx series for shadows and ground and use the Cx series for a bright, clean looking gray. I did not find a need for any Cx in this project.

I am still testing whether or not I feel the need for more Copics. Prior to losing all of my crafting supplies I had the complete set of Copic Sketch colors (yup, all 358 of them). I owned all colors for quite a while so I know that too many choices makes it difficult to decide on color palettes. I would prefer to be content with what I have if at all possible. Fewer choices will result in better time management and of course it saves $$ as Copic markers are not cheap. I have a link to my color selection process article. I chose very carefully knowing that I might not be getting more any time soon.

I spent about 2 1/2 hours coloring, but had to leave half way through. I think I could have completed it in two hours of uninterrupted time. 

Here are the colors I used:

Sky: B0000, B000

Ground: W1

Goblin Body: YG93, 95, 97, 99

Goblin Tunic: R24, 29, 35, E07

Goblin Kilt: E50, 51, 52, W1, 3, 5 (I colored the entire kilt in Es first then put the Ws over the top to make it "dirty-ish"

Shield, Belt, Gauntlet: E31, 33, 35, 37, 39

Gold Buckle, Tunic Trim, Shield Strap: Y11, Y15, Y28

Dragon Body: E40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 47

Dragon Nose: R21, E04, E07

Dragon Horns: N4, 6, 7

Dragon Scales & Wings: N0, 2, 4, 6

Goblin Eyes: B21 Dragon Eyes: B32, B34, B37

Highlights: White Gel Pen, Colorless Blender

A Goblin And His Yak Dragon Close Up | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Supplies Used In This Project: 

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Love the blending of the browns and the white left in just the right places. The green Alien is quit scary and great job.


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