Blends Meet Copics - Creating Master Blending Reference Sheets

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Blends Meet Copics - Creating Blending Sheets | Tracy Marie Lewis |

After losing all of my crafting supplies I was a bit down of course and did not do a good job of organizing my replacement Copic markers. I was pretty much in love with the new Blends and spent all my time with them. Stampin' Up! has released the colors slowly over time and I finally made myselft spend some time organizing and cataloging my Copic markers. 

I think what has happened is that I now need "MORE" Blends, and I don't have more, so I will use Copics to stretch out my lights to darks blending while I await more Blends!

I created a video showing what I have done to catalog the Stampin' Blends and give some examples of creating a mixed blending reference sheet using multiple sets of the Stampin' Blends as well as incorporating Copics into the mix (Copics could be any other alcohol marker). 

I am just starting this exercise and wanted to share it with you all right away. I will publish the final sheets. Of course the sheets will be forever growing as I add to my collection and discover more blending combinations to document.

Everyone has their own "collection" of alcohol markers/colored pencils etc. and everyone needs to make their own references based on what they own. This video will get you started! Video length 22 min 40 sec

Supplies Used In This Project: 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!



Love copic markers and blends. Nice blending book its fun to use for reference with the colors.


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