January 2022

+20 Alternatives - January 2022 Paper Pumpkin - Kisses & Hugs

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Alternatives - Paper Pumpkin - January 2022 | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

The Florida mail system doesn't understand how urgently I want my Paper Pumpkin each month.

Stamin' Up! ships each kit via SurePost which means UPS delivers to the local post office.

Once UPS transfers the Paper Pumpkin box to USPS, it goes into a black hole for an undetermined length of time...then magically it appears many days later, at the post office, ready for me to pick it...

Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2022 Episode 1 - Featuring FREE Driving By Stamp Set

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I cannot believe I have produced the first Winter Is Coming Episode of 2022! I am changing things up for at least the monthly episodes. I will be taking a deeper dive for the monthly episodes including revealing many layout options with a showcase at the end. Enjoy!

Video - Stampin' Up! Search Tools Demonstration - How To Use My Sentiment Search Tools REVEAL!

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Today's video is a reveal of a suite of online tools that I created and have cultivated now for going on four years. I started them for myself but realized after using them for a year that other Stampin' Up! product owners would also benefit from them. 

This video is part one, demonstrating the front end tools and how to use them. I will follow up with an under the hood video that will...