December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Tags - Super Easy

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Last Minute Christmas Tags - Tracy Marie Lewis -

It never fails, right before Christmas Eve with my husband's family, my husband will request that I make something. This year we were more prepared than normal, but I did get the call for making him some gift tags. I had just received an order with a selection of Gina Marie dies. I feel that the pricing on her site is very competitive and wanted to compare the quality to other brands with much...

Favorite Christmas Card Layout of 2015 - Looking back...

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Favorite Christmas Card Layout of 2015 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I started making my Christmas cards in July. My goal was to make 85 of them. I made this decision because I signed up for my first crafting retreat and wanted a project to work on versus going there without a plan. I was so, so slow. It was embarrassing. I brought way too many options to work with, stamps, dies, uncut paper, no layouts decided, nada. I had just packed all of my holiday theme...

Gag Gift Rehab Project - A Christmas List Album - My Favorite Christmas Gift of 2015!

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Christmas List Album - Tracy Marie lewis -

I exchanged gifts with my crafter cohort in crime on Saturday the 19th. I made quite the haul. She had my birthday gift, the "real" Christmas gift, and then a "gag" gift as she called it. The birthday gift was perfect, 3 awesome dies, 2 different star sets and some stitched borders, I can't wait to use them all. I opened the gag gift next and it was satin, lace and plaid, puffy and inside was...

ODBDSLC268 - Calla Lily Sympathy Card

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ODBDSLC268 - Calla Lily Sympathy Card

I enjoy anything goes challenges as I don't often do well with parameters. So this AM I thought I am going to do one more ODBD challenge card. It took a few minutes to think of something to make that would challenge me. I am not a big bow person, I love how they look but am not good at making them. So today I brought out my Bow-Easy tool and picked a thick satin ribbon. I am completely out of...

Garden Mini Albums Walkthrough

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Garden Mini Album | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I am a late blooming paper crafter and very recently discovered mini albums. I created two similar albums for my mom and aunt for Christmas. They really did not have a choice because I was going to make albums no matter what. I chose them because I knew they would be kind and even if these were way off the mark as far as their style, I knew they would humor me. I do hope that they appreciate...

Thanks a Latte Paper Pumpkin Kit

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Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin Thanks a Latte - Tracy Marie Lewis -

I make most of my Christmas gifts for family and friends. By the time Christmas rolls around I am usually all crafted out. Yesterday I tossed around starting a Winter theme album, but decided I needed to get to work on the various kits I have purchased and not finished. The Paper Pumpkin packaging is generic without any reference to which kit is inside. I picked one at random, it is called...

Shabby Chic Heart Mini Album

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Shappy Chic Heart Mini Album - created by Tracy Marie Lewis -

This is a walkthrough of a project I put together using materials that are not the norm for me. I rarely do anything with hearts. I also do not often create shabby chic theme projects. This was a fun stretch out of my comfort zone. I stopped working on Christmas gifts as I was overwhelmed with a garden theme and needed a break. I've learned that creating two like mini albums at once can get...

In November I participated in Newton's Nook Challenge #26 and was a Favorite Top Pick

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December 8, 2015
Favorite Pick for Newton's Nook Challenge #26

I squeezed in time to make a card for Newton's Nook Challenge #26, which was a pastel color challenge. I have a hard time with pastels so was sure to make something to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I did not win the challenge, but was chosen as a favorite.

New Website

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December 5, 2015
Top Pick Winner for Newton's Nook Challenge # 25 October 2015

Stuff N Thingz is currently morphing into something new. For the technical folks out there, Stuff N Thingz was written in .ASP years ago. That host was using Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6. When upgrade time came, there was no way to easily host that old code unless I paid for a dedicated server and configured it to work. So, as a result I am going to exercise my Drupal muscles and create the...