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As part of our RV travels, we play disc golf. When we choose places to stay the very first thing I do is see how many disc courses are nearby. Since retirement, this once very casual hobby has become part of our routine. We like that we can get exercise while enjoying a very fun hobby that we have played since the 1980s(In the video I state 90s and have been corrected, we dated in high school AND played disc golf back then too). I thought I would mimic the disc golf pros and video in my bag segments over time to track where I am at in the game and what discs I am using. I hope you enjoy this fun diversion from our normal content!

For the record, today we playes at Silverlake and I threw three pars on the nine hole course. I par'ed hole two which was a first for me. That score is also a record. I also beat DH on a couple of holes. It was a good disc golf day. Video length 9 min 40 sec.

Confession - I state in the video that "here are all of my discs" and that is not true. In the bag are the discs I use to play courses (and as you saw it has discs on the way out and one I want to be able to throw but lack the skill). Between DH and I we own around 65 discs. The very old 1980s discs, of which there are around 10, we've stored away because you know they will be worth a mint one day. We have the rest with us stored under our couch. We very often go to a soccer field to throw discs and will pull some from storage to practice with. That is how I found out I could throw the River. DH used the River last summer and then moved on to something different.

List of what's in my bag with links to their stats on Infinite Discs:


Fairway Drivers-

Mid Range - 172g Dynamic Discs Fluid Truth - goes where I throw it

Putters - 2x 171g Innova XT Nova - approaches and putts. Love this disc!

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