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Our Campground Memberships Experience - The BIG One - Part 1

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Our Campground Memberships Experience - The BIG One - Part 1 Bunnies | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We are finishing up our first year of full time RV travel. We have learned a ton! We also have enough financial details available to provide a cost analysis of our campground spending for 2017. Hub insisted that I break it up into smaller segments and the first part alone was 24 minutes. So, I broke it into three parts. This first part focuses on our primary campground membership (Thousand...

Winding Down At Lake Whitney Plus Some Great Insect Pics!

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Our Site At Lake Whitney Thousand Trails | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We've had a nice, quiet time here at Lake Whitney.

I taught cardmaking 3x while here. Everyone wanted Christmas cards so I had to come up with three new designs since I only had a total of 5 available from my Paper Pumpkin subscription (these come all ready to go, much easier than me cutting all the materials). I like the ones I came up with even if it was a bit of work. I have to make...

Texas Musings - Week Two

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Texas Pizza Crust | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

First I want to discuss pizza crusts. In every other state you get two choices of premade pizza crusts, either Boboli or Mama Mias. Here in Texas we bought a "fancy" pizza crust and made the awesome pizza in the article pic. It was YUMMY!

We haven't been in Texas for long enough to have developed a firm opinion on the state, but we do have some first impressions that I need to log to...

So What's The Disc Golf Like In Texas?

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So What's The Disc Golf Like In Texas? | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We found a disc golf course not so far away in Hillsboro. The site I use to review courses said that the course is unplayable due to the grass not being mowed. Hub drove there to check it out and sent me a pic of the course with MOWED grass! So we went the next day and played holes one through eight. Hub was not in a rush and actually allowed me to video and he even videoed me on a couple of...

After Four Travel Days We've Finally Landed In The Dallas Area

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Lake Whitney Thousand Trails | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We left Page Springs on 11/5 and spent four days driving to our first winter destination. The first two days in Arizona were wonderful weather-wise, Then we hit some cold rainy weather in Texas. I am so glad we opted to stay at a campground and not a rest area. We needed our furnace on all afternoon and overnight which would have ran us out of power for sure. Because of our plan to stay at a...

Day Excursion To Jerome, Watson Lake And Prescott

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Watson Lake | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Yesterday we drove to Prescott and found some pretty awesome sites along the way. First as we wound our way up highway 89A, Hub commented on the sign that said no loads longer than 50 feet. We thought that was interesting and then as we wound up and into a small town called Jerome we understood why. We'd been through Jerome over 20 years ago. It is an artsy community built into the side of the...

Travel Days - Four States In Four Days - 1200 Miles - UPDATED

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Travel Days - Four States In Four Days - 1200 Miles | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

UPDATE: I added two videos 

We managed to travel 1200 miles and cross four states from Wednesday to today. Overall the terrain was the same until Utah, Hub noted that we picked the most lifeless path possible to get to Utah. Once we hit I-15 in Utah however, the landscape really brightened up. Hub was surprised when we got on I-15 and the speed limit was 80, yes 80, for EVERYONE. Wow....

What Do You Do At 4400ft In The Fall?

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What Do You Do At 4400ft In The Fall? | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

It rained all weekend, so we stayed inside and kept warm. You would think that in 33 feet of space we would get bored but we're pretty good for a couple of days of being stuck inside. I am deep in the throes of learning YouTube. I have now updated over 50 videos 4x. If I could just NOT edit until I finished learning all I need to know I would have saved so much time! I have to say though that...