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New Beginning - All That We Have With Us While On The Road

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Idaho to washington cloud bank | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

This picture is of a very low cloud bank below the moutains as we drove from Idaho to Washington. We were in Oregon at this point.

I took a short video this morning before we checked out of our hotel. I wanted to capture what we are coming home with before we get too busy. Once we are home I am sure things will change very quickly.

I've laid out all of our stuff. From left to...

Let's Talk Motels/Hotels

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After many years in an RV and not having to stay in hotels or motels, we were faced with making a quick decision on December 30th 2017 when our fifth wheel was totaled in a collision. We were both very cold, tired, hungry, not to mention homeless with the clothes on our back and whatever happened to be in the truck.

All I knew was that I needed a fridge for my medication that the fire...

A Few Days Into Our New Beginning

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Verde Valley TT Maine Office View | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Wow, time just flies! We left El Paso, Texas and made our way into Arizona. We stayed at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails in a cabin for three nights. I thought the cabin was very nice and of course the scenery was lovely. We were in a hole so our cell service was spotty. Because we are going through the process of the trailer loss, we had to drive up the hill to the main office a few times to...

And Here We Are Starting Over - Day One Of Our New Beginning

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I didn't post anything yesterday because I wasn't really ready to do so. And today I can only pass on a little bit of information for legal reasons. Later when the dust settles I will tell our tale in full. Suffice to say we no longer have our traveling home nor the contents in it. So, in a nutshell we will be starting over from scratch. I am very tired while writing this so I imagine it will...

DIY - Adding LED Strip Lights To Our Kitchen Slide

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DIY - Adding LED Strip Lights To Our Kitchen Slide | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We made our trailer festive for Christmas. We brought in some LED lights and draped them over our kitchen slide. They have countless settings and we set them to a fun rotation of christmas colors. The next day we set them to one light and wow did we like them and decided to use them all the time...I made a short video documenting this quick DIY project that really enhances the lighting inside...

Our First Christmas On The Road! And We Survived To Tell The Tale

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Our First Christmas On The Road! And We Survived To Tell The Tale | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We had a very quiet Christmas as you can imagine. The weather here in Texas is quite cold. Way too cold for us for sure. It will be in the 20s at night all week. Part of Christmas Day we surfed alternative places to go that are warmer. I also processed three videos and loaded them up. That means I met my weekly three video upload six days early.

One thing Hub did, and he wishes he'd...

Disc Golf At Quinlan Community Park

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Disc Golf At Quinlan Community Park

It has been awhile since I spent the time to gather disc golf video footage. I can understand Hub's reluctance to be filmed and to do any filming. It definitely slows our game play down, not to mention it does add some level of nerves which I think is great to content with. I enjoyed this course, but would not want it to be my "home" park because it is pretty easy. I did like that it made us...

My Planner - Organization Made Pretty

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My Planner - Organization Made Pretty | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I am back to using a planner. I took almost a year off of using one! This time however I bought one that is pretty and I plan to spend time making it even more pretty using a variety of products. I've done some research, joined a couple of planner groups and am making this a a fun way to stay organized.

Here's the general product list: 

  1. A good quality mechanical pencil for 
  2. ...

Let's Go To Oklahoma For My Birthday!

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Let's Go To Oklahoma For My Birthday! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

The card in the main picture I made for my Paper Pumpkin video and I left it on my desk very late / early on the 22nd. Hub, being resourceful as he is, sorted through my Paper Pumpkin creations in the morning before I got up and picked this one out. He wrote a birthday message for me on a post it note and put it inside the card. Voila, instant birthday card for almost no effort, I gotta love...