The Other Day... We Met A Deer

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On the way back up to Peace River, hub opted to take 27 back in lieu of 41. We saw lots of cane fields, and burning cane fields. After dealing with Pacific Northwest fires all summer, it was very sad to have to drive that way seeing the haze in the sky and the smell of burning. Eventually we turned onto 66, which is the highway we take to go play disc golf at the YMCA.

We were about 10 minutes from the campground when we see a deer leap into our view on the other side of the road and begin to run across it. Hub saw that the deer was not veering so he tried to swerve out of the way. That move caught the running deer's attention so then he tries to swerve back the way he came. Alas, he could not get turned around in time and he hit the front corner driver side of the truck. The truck just kept on at 60 miles an hour and didn't feel in any way damaged, plus we had no place to pull over, so we kept on going the rest of the way to the campground

I asked if hub saw the deer in his rearview mirror, but he said nope he didn't see it. So we hope he just grazed us at the end of his turnabout. I envisioned blood and guts on the truck that last 10 minutes.

We pulled in to the campground and I surreptitiously hopped out and went behind the trailer, not wanting to see the possible mess we had at the front end. I got us signed in and on my way back I noticed hub checking things out. He and I saw no flesh or blood, and the bumper is just a bit torqued on that side, but there was no other sign of a deer attack. /whew!

Ah, but the fun didn't end, that would be too easy. I noticed immediately when I turned on the inside lights to check before opening the slides that some things were amiss. The TV was out from the wall. A couple of paint brushes lie on the floor, but the cabinets were closed. I opened the slide enough so I could get back and see the full extent of the disrupted items and sure enough, my Paper Pumpkin ink spots were dumped on my chair with most of them ink down on my soft beige cover.../sigh. I quickly picked up the spots, put the lids on (not the matching lids, oh no, that would require some work to match up the lids with the bases) and I tried to remove the ink from my cover, which is just a microfleece towel. None of the stains came out of course. At least no this cover reflects my hobby right?

Finally, I return to opening the slides and I notice a bunch of orange goo on the counter, I look up and see the goo is running down from the upper cabinet. It looked like butter chicken sauce. Opening the door confirmed that the butter chicken had fallen over. Hub at this point has joined me and he noticed that the lid isn't on but the jar is not broken. In the end the lid was not screwed on the jar at all and a thick patch of black mold had grown in the lid, making the mess even more yucky to clean up. We've been pretty good at ensuring items are safe in their nooks and clearly we failed this day.

Last week our giant Dawn dish soap container fell over and leaked all over the floor, hub and to clean that up. So the moral of this story is that we need to improve our liquid item stow tactics. 

Today hub took me to the dollar store and I got some bands for the ink spot containers, and a few more baskets to help items stay upright. We have quite a few liquids under the bathroom sink so I put all those in one basket. You would think by now we've experienced everything, but clearly not. Where's some wood to knock on!

If you are wondering whether or not either of us has encountered a deer in all our driving, well that would be nope, not until the other day. Mark that off the "experience" list, and no that was NOT one of our bucket list items!

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I found that OxiClean will clean SU ink.

I will add this to our shopping list! Thanks so much Doris laugh


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