Video Storage Series - Stampin' Up! Cardstock Storage Version 3.0

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Iris Card Keeper Storage Container | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is the third installement of my cardstock storage series. It is a refinement of version 2 which I filmed last year.

Essentially I changed the storage case shape to better fit our new trailer. The storage over the couch in the back of the trailer is taller overall and is deeper on each end. So on the ends I can fit two tall of the long narrow Homz cases. 

Then across the middle where the cabinets are the narrowest I have now put four of these new cases that I show in the video. The old Homz cases hold my finished cards and odd shaped supplies.

Here is a picture of the storage showing how it angles in on the outsides making the two side cabinets quite deep.
Over Couch Cabinets Storage | Tracy Marie Lewis |

The video for today focuses on just how much of my current Stampin' Up! supplies I can fit in the new Iris Cardkeeper case. 

Video length: 8 min 9 sec.

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