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Verde Valley December 2018 Snow! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

After our brake issues, we decided to compress our last four days of travel down to two eight hour drives. The first day we made it through the rest of Texas and stopped in New Mexico for the night.

Day two was the long haul through New Mexico and southern Arizona all the way up to Cottonwood. While there I found some properties to go look at but we didn't expect to find this area would meet our needs. It was still fun to drive around and contemplate what it would be like to live there. It is crazy to think that we can choose anywhere to live, as long as it makes sense financially. We have criteria we are looking for, but do not have the limitation of jobs or family.

Then...the day before we left Cottonwood, it SNOWED! All New Year's Eve day. We measured almost 4 inches of snow. And it was cold enough to freeze our kitchen sink lines for many nights, but by each afternoon they thawed enough to work. Our bathroom plumbing did not freeze thank goodness.

It seems like each RV park has its little quirks. At Verde Valley there is a teddy bear that sits on a boulder next to the bathrooms. He was VERY cold when it snowed, but it did not stop him from his job. 

Finally on January 3rd, we felt comfortable with the 2 hour drive down to Congress Arizona.


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