Today Is Simple Stamping Day - Three Easy To Make Projects

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Simple Stamping Projects Day One | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We await one last part to fix our truck. The minus is that we will now have to travel over the weekend to get to our Christmas destination. On the plus side, I get another craft day!

We are staying on the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas. It is a picturesque location with lots of walking space. This campground is on over 60 acres. The river has experienced recent major flooding and we walked through that area. It looks like some crazy farmer had no goal in mind and moved a bunch of rocks, soil, trees etc all over this huge field. Part of the camping area has been repaired, and that space looks orderly.

With my down time today I thought I would make some simple stamping projects. I created a quick video for them. Video Length 18 min 9 sec.

The friend card was stamped in real time in the video and it was very quick to make. I used three ink colors. The distINKtive stamps control the lights and darks to give you depth with one quick stamp. These new stamps are amazing to use!

This birthday card used four ink colors and three colored pencils. I then blended out the pencil lines with Stampin' Up!s blender pen. This card took around 5 minutes in total to make.

I only used black ink and two colored pencils, then I blended the pencil lines using Stampin' Up!s blender pen. I spent more time coloring but this still was no more than a ten minute project.

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