Day Five And Six - Resting Up In Kansas

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Day Five And Six - Resting Up In Kansas | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We made it to Kansas yesterday and Hub opted for us to go shopping right away so we could spend the next day "resting". I quote resting because it meant we had the pleasure to clean five loads of laundry. We took turns and I wrote articles in between. I noticed we lost the red cover on our right taillight, bummer... I've called the trailer manufacturer and have instructions on how to get a replacement. 

Here's our experience in Kansas so far. 

First, at Walmart we had our shopping list and I went to electronics to pick out a 12v adapter for our phones. Alas, every small phone accessory was in a locked cabinet which I thought was odd being that the cost of these items was from say $5 on up. I found someone to help me and after she handed me my sub $20 item she says, "You will have to pay for that here or up at the front" I say, "I will pay up front." Her response,"I will have to walk you there, then." What? I was very surprised. The electronics section is far from the front registers, she was the only person in electronics and she would have to walk me to the register to pay? Yup, I am not allowed to continue shopping without first paying for this item. so, I paid for it there... the grand total was $16.21 or so. Very weird... I can only surmise that theft in this area of Kansas must be rampant, so much so that they will monitor the transaction for even the smallest electronic item.

Next, Walmart prices. There are certain items that are the same as everywhere else, like soda. A six pack of bottles is $2.50 everywhere we've purchased them, and we've visited Walmarts in many states now. However other food items are decidedly less, like lunch meat, cottage cheese, Funyuns. Let's talk about Funyuns. These yummy salty onion rings never, ever go on sale in Washington state so we typically pick them up at a corner store or gas station for $3.69. However, in reviewing my receipt, I see that we paid only $3.19 for them at this Walmart. I am glad we bought two bags.

Brand name items were typically high, and there are certain items we are willing to pay more for, like any kind of cheese for instance. I was very sad that they do not have my two favorite items, sourdough bread and Midnight Milky Ways... I'd already experienced the issue with bread in the south last year in Arizona and Texas. The shelves are loaded with white, potato, wheat and texas toast, but very little other varieties. I settled on Italian. In place of the Milky Ways, they did have Kit Kat Dark which will be a nice change. Oh, and, hub bought a few red lenses to cobble together a temporary tail light fix.

It is super windy here, and hot, 86 today. I don't like the constantly moving trailer, yes it is that windy. This resort rents out a variety of trailers for $600 per month and they also rent cabins for $700 a month. From what we can tell all of them are rented. In addition there are 150 plus empty sites for RVs in which most were also full. None of their for rent trailers have awnings, and now I see why! This is a Coast To Coast resort, we paid $10 a night, plus electric: $30 for two nights, the retail price was $64 so we are already working on making this new membership pay for itself!

Another item to point out is that yesterday as we were driving it felt like the clouds were pressing down on us. They were very low, so low that the radio and cell towers tops were cut off by the clouds. Today it is mostly blue sky, the wind must've blown yesterday's clouds away.

Tomorrow we resume our trek. We will get to experience the main toll highway in Kansas, from what I've read, it isn't worth taking side streets and we won't be on it for long. Oklahoma has alot of toll roads as well so it should be interesting. We have a five hour drive followed by a 4 1/2 hour drive into Arkansas. Alas, these next three locations are on smaller highways so I cannot plan fuel ups using our Next Exit book. However these small highways are similar to Highway 2 in Washington state so you see each station up close.

I am not sure if readers have noticed, I post a map each day with a red star showing where we were at in the article.

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Interesting about the bread and electronic issues. Wonder why they don't buy sourdough to sell. I had seen on the news about a storm moving from Mexico through AZ my friends that live in Phoenix have flash flood in the back yard. Get out of the windy state Kansas. 86 is pretty warm,38 here today and had to put my heavy duty winter wear on. Have fun mom


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