Two Rest Days - Ten & Eleven - In Tennessee

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Two Rest Days - Ten & Eleven - In Tennessee | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We made it to our next stopping point, a three night break from driving in Tennessee. It ends up being only two days of rest, but we really needed it. The Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails is a throw back to another time. Most of the sites are overgrown and way too small and unlevel for any rigs folks drive today. The electrical equipment I would say is early seventies. They have somewhat updated the 20 sewer sites. We were lucky enough to get one on what they call "phase one". 

We did alot of walking and snooping around on the side we were camped. Then I drove us over to "phase two" which seemed even worse. The closest TT park we can think of is Russian River in Northern California, the only difference being that Russian River was full up. It is so popular that people are willing to drive on the extremely tight roads and park their behemoths in any spot they can cram themselves into. 

The next day we walked all around the apparently man-made private lake. I took many pictures and filmed a short video. I've put it up on YouTube and attached it below for everyone to enjoy. 

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Im following your interesting treck, it looks like a nice place to stay wonder why its so empty. Maybe in the summer months it fills up. Who knows.


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