We Finished Our First Stay At Peace River Thousand Trails... Read And Watch!

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Peace River Thousand Trails | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

At first Peace River looks like a sleepy campground, which it is, compared to Orlando. But after a week at each Florida resort I am surprised at which one wins for us.  Drum roll.......  Peace River! And yes, the pictured signs are all along the river's edge...good thing we are not overly scared of either, cautious yes, but more curious than anything, and no we didn't see either one!

There are two big wins at Peace River that pushed it above Orlando in our ranking. 1. It has shade, and lots of it. and then of course there's 2. PLENTY of space to throw our discs as hard and far as we can throw them. WINNER. WINNER. CHICKEN DINNER.

Aside from those two big factors, fuel and walmart are within minutes of either resort, so it was a tie there. The interesting walks through the parks is close, but the natural ruggedness of Peace River is more our style. We saw lots of cars down by the river over the weekend and it ended up being a group that went kayaking. And the fishing at Peace River seems more plentiful and popular.

Both campgrounds have shade, but Peace River has plentiful shadeed and sunny sites. I would say Orlando has one loop that is quite cramped that is shaded and a few shaded sites out in the open area, with mostly sunny sites.

It ends up that both resorts have a disc golf course just under 30 minutes away, but both are sunny, with minimal shade so that did not factor into our choice. It is the ability to throw our discs just steps outside our door, in the shade that wins the day!

I made a short video, capturing some scenes of Peace River and the area around it. Video Length 7 min. 02 sec.

Next on our agenda is a trip to THE KEYS!

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Love the blue sky surprised at all the trees. I've been to Florida several times and the humidity is horrible. It would take some getting use to.Mike would totally not get out of the rig knowing snakes are any where around. Love the article thanks for sharing.


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