My Paper Pumpkin Journey

I am now traveling full time and miss the company of my peers at crops, clubs and retreats (I return home to attend one retreat each fall-so I am not totally out of the loop). As a substitue to replace my local craft group activities, I want to become more involved in the online crafting community. One such group centers around the Stampin' Up monthly subscrption "Paper Pumpkin". 

Before I was a demonstrator, I bought random Paper Pumpkin kits when they would go on clearance - which alas only happens once a year. I like that the kit comes with a unique stamp set, one or two inks, adhesives, die cuts and the base (could be card, giftbag, tag) to put them on. 

I was concerned about shipping because I am always on the move. Paper Pumpkin ships UPS so if you are in a campground that accepts UPS, you can ship it there, the shipping date range is from the 10th to the 20th of the month so make sure you will be there:). You CANNOT ship to a USPS post office using General Delivery.

I asked my mail forwarding service how much they would charge for forwarding my Paper Pumpkin box to me each month. They quoted $3 but then because it was lighter than expected it was only $2 more. The kit includes shipping for $19.95 which I feel is a great deal. Once a subscriber you are able to purchase extra kits as they are available.

You can also change your address in your subscription account at any time before the 10th of the month which is when they start shipping out the current kit.

Each kit varies. It could be a card kit one month and a gift bag kit the next month. I am very much a cardmaker so I like that these kits will push me beyond my comfort zone. 

Getting back to the online community. I have also joined the Facebook group Paper Pumpin Fan Club which focuses on making alternate designs with the kit pieces. I was tempted initially to order two kits each month so I can make the items as instructed and then make alternate items with the second one, but I needed to watch my budget of course so will work with one kit. I have now had the opportunity to create many alternative articles and videos, I get one subscription per month and then I buy up older kits during sales. Watch -> ALL OF MY PAPER PUMPKIN VIDEOS.

Here is a quick video further explaining Paper Pumpkin- WATCH NOW

I would love to be your demonstrator should you choose to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin, just use this link ->SUBSCRIBE TO PAPER PUMPKIN NOW, My name is Tracy Lewis if you want to verify.

Other Kit resources:

Thanks for stopping by!


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