Paper Pumpkin Catch Up And A Life Update

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Paper Pumpkin Catch Up And A Life Update | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Due to some rather extreme circumstances, I have been sidelined from crafting. We suffered a catastrophic loss of our trailer and all of its contents on December 30th. We've been working through the recovery process and are now finally getting back on our feet.

Tonight I processed two Paper Pumpkin videos. I had to verify that I will be able to create the alternatives (I needed to be able to replace the kits). A couple of other Paper Pumpkin videos I will scrap since they are no longer available for replacement and I know that the key fun factor for Paper Pumpkin subscribers in the alternatives creation process.

Whew. Now that I have that all out in the open, the picture on this article is of the site where our trailer was hit in the collision and you can see all the red Paper Pumpkin boxes littering the ground. Look at the right front corner of the image and you will see an instruction sheet. Alas we had to leave everything behind due to the danger caused by mixed sewage, fuel and other unknown chemicals as well as the danger of injury from sharp edges in the wreckage etc.

It was so sad to sit in our truck with the freezing cold (28 degrees with freezing rain)outside and watch our wet stuff getting scraped up into a dump truck. I asked the Salvage Yard if we would be able to come and find our stuff later and got a long pregnant silence in response. Then in a slow voice the response was, "well, you can come look in the dumpster but the entire wreckage will be in it and no we will not dump out the contents for you to sift through." And that was the end of that.

The July 2017 video is -> HERE and the February 2017 video is below.

We will of course soldier on!

Note: No one was injured in the collision for which we are very grateful.

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