Orlando Thousand Trails - Like No Other TT!

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I am so happy with our decision to stay at the Orlando Thousand Trails. We are already scheduled to be here in November, but we needed a place to escape from Hurricane Michael and this was the furthest south and east we could get in our driving window of four to six hours. It was six and a half hours if you avoided the toll road, just over six hours if you went on it. Because we tend to drive a little slower than the highway speed posted, we figured it would be seven hours. 

The first couple of days were super muggy, hot and blustery. It feels strange to see blustery rain and wind, and have it be 92 degrees. We come from the Puget Sound and for us blustery is usually cold. Finally today the humidity is down to 62% and even though it is over 90, it isn't so muggy that you can't breath. 

We have found some interesting items to share about this campground, I would call it a resort, and it deserves that title unlike some of the other TTs that call themselves a "resort". This is an impressive place. Check out our video! Video length 9 min 3 sec.

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