Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails Is An Idyllic Spot

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Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails Is An Idyllic Spot | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We moved a couple of days ago. It is hard to believe how fast time flies! We love it here. The huge gaps between neighbors, our close proximity to the lake, which we can both see from the dining room windows, and the scampering squirrels make this a lovely site. The weather is more mild, no wind and not as warm. This property is 380 acres and our loop is far from the rest of the park's RV sites.

I felt welcomed when I asked about conducting Christmas card classes. Because making the cards needs to happen in the first two weeks of December, I booked three dates only a couple of days apart. The park has a group app for people to join and the classes were posted there, I barely missed being added to the December calendar. I made a flyer and hung it in the Family Lodge. They did say it is pretty slow right now so I might not get any takers, but I will bring my own projects to work on in the event that no one shows.

This part of Texas is very rural. I drove to two towns yesterday, Point, Texas first to check out the post office and confirmed that I can forward my mail there. Point has a population of 630. Then I drove to East Tawakoni to check out the grocery store options. We will need to drive to Emory to the Brookshire for our groceries. East Tawakoni is population 880. 

There is more wildlife here, and a few more bugs lurking about. Hub walked along the lake and checked out the marina. He saw turtles and some sort of critter made mud and stick lodge. We are in a grove of oak trees with mounds of leaves everywhere. 

We were able to stay under our grocery budget in November so I would imagine we can repeat that in December and come out pretty close to the annual total I've budgeted. The two months in California put us over. It is so strange to NOT have any Sourdough bread, zero. The eggs here are VERY expensive. Chicken is the smallest section of meats and is very expensive. We were able to get a "thank you" card at Brookshire today so we could partake in the many buy one, get the second for 1 cent sales. We saved over $40 by getting that card. Now I wished I had gotten the card when we first arrived. Oh well.

Tomorrow I am teaching my first class at 2pm. I will have to pre-pack today and make sure I have all of my supplies ready. When we moved I had to put everything away. Ah, and I did buy a few Christmas decorations at the Dollar General, I spent a whole $4.

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Walking along the edge of the lake, bathed in moonlight, several beavers expressed annoyance at having a visitor. Not only did they perform repeated tail slaps on the water's surface, but the largest of the bunch was huffing and puffing quite loudly. Was quite amusing. 



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