After Four Travel Days We've Finally Landed In The Dallas Area

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Lake Whitney Thousand Trails | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We left Page Springs on 11/5 and spent four days driving to our first winter destination. The first two days in Arizona were wonderful weather-wise, Then we hit some cold rainy weather in Texas. I am so glad we opted to stay at a campground and not a rest area. We needed our furnace on all afternoon and overnight which would have ran us out of power for sure. Because of our plan to stay at a campground and we already had our reservation, we had a lovely evening with power and internet so the cold didn't even bother us. Here's what our outside temp looked like most of the day: cold day in Texas | Tracy Marie Lewis |

The next morning it was a bit chilly hooking up, but the sun was out so we were just fine. One mistake I made was not following our routine, which is that I hang out at our site while Hub pulls out, that way I catch anything we might have missed. Well, because it was in the 40s and I did not have a coat on, I hopped in the truck for the pull out and missed grabbing one of our heavy duty chocks. They are cheap and easily replaced, but are extra heavy duty rubber, ones you cannot easily squash. I already have a Harbor Freight targeted to visit in Dallas to get a replacement. I have to say that this campground was quite rough, it is fairly new, not even all the pedestals worked. The owner runs it with his wife. We paid him $15 (Passport America rate 50% off) and only one other RV pulled in after us. We were glad to give him some business. There are two traintracks only a block away and we heard trains all night, but it was still just fine! 

The terrain mid Texas and and eastward is more treed with a range from agricultural fields to wild scruffy fields used for grazing. It is unlike any terrain we have seen. The roads are wide and flat. Texas On The Way To Dallas | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.comWe went on highway 20 for hundreds of miles, then turned south on highway 6 to get to Lake Whitney. Someone tried to be very clever trimming their trees on highway 6. This highway has lots of semis, so this arch is very, very high up. Tree Arch Over Highway 6 In Texas | Tracy Marie Lewis | Lake Whitney is HUGE. We drove over the dam on the way to the campground. Lake Whitney From The Dam | Tracy Marie Lewis |

At check in I asked for the best Verizon service site as well as sewer. Hub was happy to get both. Most of this park has sewer but Verizon is not as good as AT&T. There was one site left in the loop that has Verizon signal and we took it. 

Within an hour of setting up camp I went to the Activity Center and found the crafts person. I asked about getting on the calendar to make cards and she put me on for tomorrow at 1pm. ACK. I came right on back to make sure I was prepared. I hadn't kitted any Christmas cards so sacrificed my cool October Pining For Plaid cards, of which I had enough parts to kit six. That should get me by tomorrow. If it goes well I hope to be on the schedule for the next three weeks, at least one day a week. My pricing is in line with what the craft director charges so we are good to go there.  I wasn't quite prepared to be doing a class the day after my arrival. 

One of the neighbors has a cat, or it is a feral cat. It is grey. We tend to see lots of cats at the Thousand Trails. Seeing them makes me want a cat. We are cat people and almost always had a cat at home. Hub mentions wanting a small cat next time for something different as our last cat was a purebred Maine Coon. 

Back on track, This park is HUGE. It has almost 300 sites. It has horse pens and shared equine trails throughout the grounds. It will be nice to be able to walk after four days being cooped up in the truck. Which is filthy and so is the trailer. We are going to have to work on stealth baths. And oh the bugs on the front of the truck and trailer are just yuck.

The total miles from Mt. Vernon to Lake Whitney was over 2600 miles and boy did it feel like it! I am glad we took two one week breaks as well as three two day breaks, we just aren't as young as we used to be! We are going to be staying in the Dallas area for nine weeks total, three weeks per park.

Today is my mom's birthday and I am miffed because I mailed her a birthday card, which I went in to the Cottonwood Arizona post office to have checked as it was quite thick. The guy made me pay extra, then he stamped "not machinable" on it and off it went. That was almost a week ago now and she never received it. I mail cards all the time and all of them have made it to their destination except this one... grrrrr.

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