Day Excursion To Jerome, Watson Lake And Prescott

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Watson Lake | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Yesterday we drove to Prescott and found some pretty awesome sites along the way. First as we wound our way up highway 89A, Hub commented on the sign that said no loads longer than 50 feet. We thought that was interesting and then as we wound up and into a small town called Jerome we understood why. We'd been through Jerome over 20 years ago. It is an artsy community built into the side of the mountain. The shops are all artisan shops, built right on the highway with steep terraces and stairways. It looks like one small earthquake is all it would take for it to crumble. I made a video of our drive through town. It's very short.

Next we found the disc golf course at Watson Lake. What a phenomenal place. The rock formations are very similar to what you would find in Utah. We decided not to play golf as there were no signs on the tees or baskets so it would be a bit of a wild goose chase to figure out where to go. It is a full 18 hole course. There were lots of roadrunners going about their day. They are silly looking birds with long tails. Roadrunner And Disc Basket At Watson Lake | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We drove into and around Prescott and grabbed some lunch. Prescott is a nice city with a population of 45k. It looks very well maintained but not quite as hip as St. George looked. St. George reminds us of Redmond. Prescott has a little bit more of a western feel to it. We drove back to Cottonwood via highway 17. We didn't feel the need to go back home the same way.

Earlier this week we went shopping and bought chicken from the meat counter because it was only 1.57/lb. Here's a pic of our first Butcher counter bought meat! Butcher Bought Meat! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

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