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DIY Copic Storage | Tracy Marie Lewis |

A while back I read this blog entry: and decided it was going to be the permanent solution for my Copic Sketch marker collection. I bought the case back in October. And then it sat.... and sat.... You see I had intended for this project to be done by my husband and it wasn't until his sister and her daughter were building their smaller version of this case for my niece's collection of 80 markers that I finally got him "interested" in completing it. I emailed him the blog post again after he received a few questions from his sister on her project. My sister in law mentioned that because she was making the smaller version, there was a rather large piece of the flourescent light diffuser left and that we could have it... COOL! So that put him into motion.

He ended up using some different components (pictured) to screw the two grid pieces together. He advised his sister on her smaller version and BOTH were completed in short order. Here are pictures of the final product. I also took a picture of my temporary storage which was very cumbersome. I had extra canvas totes, as well as enough copic 72 and 36 marker cases to safely house all of my markers (including the other brands/styles) Now the Copics are all together in their dedicated case, and I have one pink tote that holds my other markers. I took this case up to my mom's at Christmas and we spent the day crafting, it worked great! 

Update 7/22/2017: We have now lived in our trailer full time for 13 months. I am still very pleased with this storage solution. It fits perfectly in our pantry. There isn't a more compact solution out there for a full set of Copic Markers. This container is one marker short of the full set, I have one marker slid into a corner. It has been very durable and the locking lid still snaps tight. I will keep monitoring its durability.

In addition I am now collecting a small number of Copic Original markers with the superfine nib, I have 22 so far with a few more in mind. I store them in a black Copic case. So far this is working well for me. 

Temporary Storage...cumbersome! |
Grid put together  |
Corner closeup |
In place at my workspace |
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