Taking Care of Business - And The Craft Retreat!

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Taking Care of Business - And The Craft Retreat! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

When we arrived at Thunderbird, we had Thursday and Friday to take care of some tasks, then we sat tight for the holiday weekend. While hiding from the holiday revelers (we live in a campground so we were surrounded!) I spent my time packing for the retreat.

I packed ALL inks, metal dies, stencils and embossing folders as well as all of my tools. Only four (of 15) binders of stamps made the trip, because I had nine new stamp sets waiting for me. I even had room for all of my embellishments except washi tape. I brought my 4 x 6 solid papers and only a subset of my patterned paper. Tuesday after the long weekend we had our annual wellness exams and Wednesday DH had a specialist visit.

I had a list of organization projects and brought some items to sell. I also had to pick up the supplies I had been shipping up here over the summer I had a windfall of goodies to open and experiment with. I will be writing up posts of the major projects that I completed as well as the cards that I made.

On Saturday I did something with the blackberries I picked in Chehalis. I made a very easy cobbler in our tiny oven. It came out good! (Note: I am not a cook or baker so it is a testiment to how simple the recipe is that even I could not mess it up)

Thunderbird RV resort is our thirteenth Thousand Trails Resort and so far it is the best maintained TT property in our opinion. There is even a fenced in community vegetable garden. It is a much smaller park with only 102 sites, not sure if that has any bearing on the maintenance. I really feel on vacation here as I walk through the pools area, the red barn, and across the street to the river. There are NO potholes to speak of, even though the loops are gravel. 

We can walk in the dark because I am not at risk of a bad sprain the roads are so good. I was impressed with our neighbors night lights. There we are bright white lights next to a DP with blue lights.  

As far as wildlife goes, there are signs for bears in the area but I've only seen one gray squirrel. We suspect the critters hide in the thick foliage. In California you see all manner of critters all day long.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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