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Dump Day! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We drove up to Washington on 101 through Astoria and followed the Columbia River on Highway 30 to I-5. It was a reasonable drive and took about four and a half hours. Have I mentioned DH's strange habit of pulling over when he has cars behind him? Well he does. Thinks it is the polite thing to do when he doesn't want to speed. People always honk and wave in thanks when they pass us by. This habit always adds to our time but makes the driving less stressful.

This resort has a limited number of sewer sites. DH was really hoping to get one. We did not do laundry and did not dump the shower/laundry grey tank in hopes of one. It was not to be. We DID get a great private end site at the very top of the ridge with very good cell service! I was finally able to catch up on GOT - I was behind four episodes! What a great show that is. Love them dragons!

I want to share a quick story of the day before we left. We'd completed most of our prep, which included me washing the front of the trailer which was filthy, we also washed the outside and inside windows of the truck. We broke down all of the exterior items. It was about 5pm ish and DH was jacking up a tote to take to the dump and a man stopped asking to take a picture of him. The man was fascinated with our dumping process.

DH came and got me to come chat about our Thousand Trails membership and what we thought of it. Come to find out he was a TT salesman when it first started back in 74 and during that time he came to Pacific City when it was under construction and sold memberships there for a time. He was driving through to see how it had changed. He said back then it was all CATs and dirt!

I had just showered and was freezing so I bowed out of the conversation. DH and he talked until after dark! The man was from Switzerland and after his short tenure in the states, he moved back home and has lived in Switzerland since then. DH and he really hit it off and they conversed about everything and anything. DH is not the type of person to have a long conversation to begin with so I knew that this was something special after the first hour. Since we had finished most of our prep he was able to chat for as long as he wanted. He finished his dump run in the dark, but seems it was worth it! 

We have met some interesting people in our travels, you just never know who you will run into. We lived on a side loop that gets little traffic, and that man came through the loop right when DH was lifting our huge tote with the crane. Timing was just perfect for those two to strike up a conversation. Life is sure funny sometimes.

Since I am sure every new picture of our current campsite looks like the last one, I thought I'd post a pic of ME dumping the tote. Yes, with the crane I can manage the full process start to finish. I don't often do it but insist I keep my "dumping" skills fresh in the event I am ever required to do it without DH's assistance. 

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