Video Tutorial - Making A Card Using Weather Together Including A Repeat Background Using The MISTI

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 Making A Card Using Weather Together | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is my first card video tutorial. I did not choose something simple as I had planned. It took four videos and over 40 minutes to go through. I also added time lapse video with music for the first time. I did find one mistake that was too big to correct. I own two larger MISTIs, a left handed and a right handed one. I wasn't using the measurements, so did not see that I'd grabbed the wrong MISTI and the measurements were upside down... Oopsie! I also notice that the MISTI's hinges were very creaky, I am definitely going to get some lube for it!. I did manage to shorten the video to under 19 minutes. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and any improvements I can make!

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