San Benito Heat Wave - Moved To Shade

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San Benito Heat Wave - Moved To Shade | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Another heat wave is coming so we considered a shaded site. Moving a three slide fifth wheel is not quick nor easy. I wasn't sure if DH would go for it, but he hates being hot and our one AC unit has a hard time keeping us cool in the late afternoon when it is 90s and higher. We took a full sun site when we arrived because at the time there wasn't any shade along the creek. Now there might have been a shady site somewhere on the property, but with 598 sites we were not up to the challenge to find it.

Three days ago the site right next to us was available but we were way too slow and lost our chance to move. We learned our lesson.

Yesterday on our return trip from our excursions of the day we watched the temperature go up, and up and up, to 92 degrees, ACK! So we drove around the park on our return searching for a potential new site. As we finished the huge exterior loop and were approaching our site, DH noticed a family washing their tent behind their fancy diesel pusher in full shade and DH says I think they are leaving tomorrow, we should keep an eye on that site. So after we ate lunch and rested I headed out to peek at how ready to leave they were, and they'd left! It was around 8pm so I hustled back to give the update. He approved and the move was on!

I used my very handy red cartRed Cart to move two loads of stuff over, returned to help clear the way inside to close the slides then I left DH to hookup and move while I guarded our new site. The sites are so close I could hear him hitching up but could not see him as the one neighbor separating us is pulled forward in their spot blocking my view.

Finally he drove the loop and hopped out for me to back in. He isn't comfortable with a quick backup yet. By this time it was quite dark. I got it backed up, we quickly leveled, re-hooked up to power and water, opened the slides and called it good. I left him to cart over the remaining items while I drove to the ranger to make our site change official. Whew, I can definitely say I will not be moving sites again unless it is absolutely necessary. 

In the am DH announced the problem with the site. Of course nothing is ever perfect. In this case being under a large tree means, dripping goo, seeds and bird poop. So we re-jiggered all of our exterior stuff to reside either under the trailer or the awning. We will have to wash the truck and trailer after the remaining time here, which is two more weeks. We will also have to take our shoes off in the trailer. I think that is an acceptable price to pay to combat the heat. 

Now on to fun stuff.

Yesterday's excursion was a trip to Salinas to play disc golf. I am not a very consistent or good player, however I have to mention my biggest achievement yet. When playing disc golf you have three types of throws, drives (throwing far), approaches (nearing the basket so you want to get as close as possible for your putt), and the putt (when you throw into the basket). I am pretty bad at drives. My hands are still not 100% and I've only just started gripping my driver in what is considered a true driving grip. Since I just started to use this grip, I release at completely random times. This is not desired and many times I make more of a criss cross pattern to get to the basket. But I am determined to keep at it (I can only get better!).

My approaches are more controlled and much less erratic, but can often be weak leaving me more than 20 feet from the basket thus making my putt too far for a 100% chance to get the disc in. Today of all days I putted awesome. Only one putt was challenging, it was an elevated basket and I actually remembered to snap a pic of the basket from where I threw. There was a strong cross wind. I was only half attempting the putt using my sticky approach disc figuring if it did not go in it would drop near the basket and stay put (not roll or skip). I was so excited when it dropped right in. I threw a left handed "hyzer" (big arc falling left to right).Here's a pic of where I was positioned to make my putt. Tracy Marie Lewis |

That was on the second basket of the course. I'd  already made my putt on the first basket. From there I made every. single. putt. No mulligans or special girl rules. So that means all of my approaches were within 10 feet or so of each basket, another first for me. Now if I can just get my hands to release consistently on my drives I will have the skills to play a real round! I think I par-ed 4 holes of the 10 we played. This course is 18 holes and some of the tees have been vandalized so we sort of wandered around playing what we could find. DH had a bad day. The wind messed with his drives and his putting was off. 

 Family of deer at the river | Tracy Marie Lewis | Deer by the river | Tracy Marie Lewis |

 Finally I just have to talk about the critters in this area. Abundant half tame deer, quail, cats and ground squirrels. The cats, quail and ground squirrels are camera shy but I will keep trying to capture them before they scurry out of site.

Horse herd | Tracy Marie Lewis |

A few miles away there is a very large group of horses which in my world would never all live together like this. Show horses are kept separated to keep them safe and healthy. Obviously these horses are not show horses, and here they are all coexisting in a huge herd. 


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