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DIY embellishment coloring by Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is an easy one. If you own any type of alcohol markers, ranging from Sharpie markers to Copic Markers, you can color a wide variety of embellishments. Here's the list of embellishments that I have found take alcohol marker ink very well.

Sequins (some colors don't apply as well i.e dark colors are hard to make smooth - dry completely)
Buttons (test first, this depends on the button surface)


  • I recommend white or clear items, but I have also used light colored items when white hasn't been available.
  • If the item comes on a sheet, color it on the sheet (way, way easier). Sequins are tricky, I use my piercing tool in the center of the sequin and let the sequin spin, or rotate as I color.
  • Be sure to set aside any colored items and allow them to dry completely. You can carefully apply heat to speed up the drying process.
  • If you are very limited on space like I am, do not pre-color any items until you need them. I get to store each of the above neutral colored items in one container. I like color matching items for a project. 
  • I recommend making a color matching chart for your set of markers, I've linked that DIY article below.
  • If you are torn on what ribbon to buy, a good all purpose ribbon is seaming tape or Tim Holtz crinkle ribbon. I like that you can use it smooth OR crinkle it. It is not too shiny and not too dull, a good basic ribbon and is about 1/2" wide.


Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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