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Seaside RV Park | Tracy Marie Lewis

We only had a 40 minute drive into Oregon for our next stop. So far we've not made any reservations. We tend to be more spontaneous and haven't adopted the 3 week schedule that so many Thousand Trails members who full time use. Our membership allows us to stay in a single park 21 days, then we have to move to a different park (it can be a Thousand Trails property) for 7 days, then we can come back. We decided we will not slow down that much until we get out of Washington state. So now here we were heading into our first out of state park. As I was waiting my turn to check in, the ranger was telling the person that the park was full Friday and Saturday night and he would have to go to Overflow. ACK! That meant the same for us... We already figured we would have lots of overflow stays because we are more spontaneous travellers, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

When it was my turn I said I wanted to stay one night and asked which park he recommended to move to next. So off we went to find our one night spot. We chose a pull through that just happened to be near the laundromat building. I immediately called the reservations and made my first reservation.

I didn't discover how decent the internet was until the next morning because I was busy dealing with our healthcare subsidy approval (another story). 

The next morning I'm on the wi-fi and its working pretty well. I've really struggled with throttling the use of our broadband. It seems cell phones these days will run stuff in the background and eat up bandwidth like candy. So, I really, really wanted to stay at this park for at least a week. Alas, that meant we would have to stay in overflow. I then discovered I'd not filled out our camper registration form because of the huge hassle the previous day with the healthcare people. I filled it out and walked to the ranger building at about 9:30am. I asked him if there had been any cancellations for the weekend. OOOO we got lucky! There was ONE cancelletion in the park and I got it...woohoo. The ranger even called the next park and cancelled my reservation for me. 

This meant a week of wi-fi bliss:)

Seaside RV Park is nice, the spots are well spaced out. It is pretty wet, as in marshy, but the potholes have been maintained. A huge minus for us was the lack of walking options. I had to walk the park itself. The ocean is a drive away. So far we've had sewer at every campground so were still feeling pretty spoiled.

I've cancelled Netflix since I can't use it enough to justify it. In this one week of wi-fi I was able to watch Wynonna Earp. Good show! However my account expired in the last 10 minutes of the second to last show. Sheesh, that was rotten timing. Safeway was only 4 minutes away. We are pushing our food planning skills and we only went there for a couple of items. I made us last a week and a half until 5/1 for our next major shopping trip.

The days are blurring a bit, we've now stayed in the Thousand Trails system full time since we left my mom's on 3/15. We will be making a long drive to Whaler's Rest RV Park on 5/3, that will be a 3 hour drive.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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