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Having no internet at our rig makes keeping up on our travels a challenge. I am amazed at how little we actually accomplish each day. Without fail, we workout as our health was a primary reason for taking this journey. There isn't enough space for us both to work out and the space we use doubles as my office space. We work out first thing so we can roll up the workout mat and slide my desk in place for the day. This has turned into a good routine. What I like about this campground is the walking options from our camp spot. There is no need to drive anywhere to walk. The ocean is a walk on a marshy trail that is quite nice if you have rubber boots. Luckily I have rubber boots. DH doesn't so uses his "icky" sneakers for the trek. 

We found another trail that looks like it used to be some sort of road at one point. It runs horizontal to the street and is very lush and green. The mosquitoes are already bad there so I bundled up with my hoodie on tied tight.

There were a few nice days that allowed us to adventure further out. One day we went to a disc golf course in Oregon that was pure heaven. It had a couple of hard holes I skipped. I don't want to throw my disc over a ravine filled with blackberries and lose a disc, no thanks. It was hilly with a variety of terrain. A very nice course! The highlight for me was a very long putt in the clearcut. I was so shocked when I heard the chains. Remember I've spent my life playing disc golf left handed. I then decided for our travels that it would be best to change to right handed. I had surgery on both hands in June 2016 and my right hand has not recovered very well so my expectations at this point are very low. Thus my surprise when I made a 30+ foot putt like that right handed.

The nearest Safeway is over 1/2 hour away. I am playing Monopoly so insist on shopping there. We managed to go there 2x during our stay here. We are getting very good at meal preparation. DH pre-cooks all meat. He will take hamburger and make spaghetti and taco meat. 1/2 of each will go in the fridge and the other half in the freezer. Chicken, Pork and Steaks get BBQed and bagged. We can then slice up and marinade as needed for adding to a dish.

I am enjoying sleeping in alot. It is hard to imagine the impact of going to school and then work every day your entire life and then wham, all of the sudden no alarm clock. I tend to sleep about nine hours. DH has been retired for many years so he gets up and lets me sleep as long as I want. I haven't taken naps and don't stay up very late, midnight is late for me. DH likes to be up until 2am, sleep until 8am and then naps for 2 hours each afternoon. That gives us our alone time. 

The truck is due for an oil change. DH will be coordinating that event soonish. So far we are loving living in campgrounds. It really does feel like your are on vacation this way. If I'd retired but we were at our home it would not feel as vacation-y.

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