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Home Three And We are Finally Too Far To Easily Visit Family | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We finally decided we'd prepared all that we could and it was time to leave our home base area. For our first journey far from home, we chose a 4 1/2 hour drive to the Thousand Trails near Long Beach. Of course it was dumping rain when we arrived and most spots were under water. We chose a spot that looked like it would not pool any water on the door side of the trailer. It did have a small lake on the systems side and that meant I got to set the sewer and water up since Im the only one with rubber boots.

We also setup DH's new fancy blocks and our trailer is solid, totally still now. I am glad it appears that some hand cut wood pieces did the trick. 

Cell service is 4g and the internet at the "lodge" is pretty slow. I am using broadband for most internet activities however I do go to the hot spot area to download videos. We don't stream anything on our broadband, we already learned that lesson.

We chose a far corner spot and have no neighbors. Today the maintenance crew of two spent alot of time adding gravel to the spot on our left but it is still pretty wet there. I am not sure if that was money well spent on their part.

The walk to the beach is fine, the main path is under deep water, but folks have blazed alternative paths that keep one dry for the most part. DH is determined to find rubber boots that fit him, but the local hardware store selection did not work for him. We have alot of mail coming here and then we will hop down to one of the Oregon oceanside campgrounds.

This is a very quiet campground, no barking dogs and no kids at all. It is very different than LaConner in that respect. The wind here is very sneaky, we noticed not a single awning was out. Within a couple of hours of our arrival, a big gust came through and that was the end of the awning being out. I took a break from crafting after the March 30 day coloring challenge, and now I am ramping back up my postings and challenge entries. I'd like to post at least four projects per week. 

I am enjoying sleeping in, I wonder if I will ever get over that. DH has been retired for so long that he can get up early on a whim and is up before me every day even though he goes to bed in the wee hours of night. He is a napper which makes that schedule work for him. I don't ever nap so find I like my 9 or more hours in one chunk. I really appreciate that he sneaks out and lets me stay in bed as long as I feel the need to. I do read email and the news on my phone so I am actually awake at least 1/2 hour before I get out of bed.

We are now diligently working out and walking each day. We alternate what we do and I am so glad the trailer has a large enough space for a workout. It is a multi-purpose area. My crafting table moves to beside our kitchen island and our workout mat is rolled out each morning. Most of our spaces serve multiple purposes. The kitchen island is where I do all of my die cutting. I cannot die cut sitting down because of my back. It is better for me to get up and move around while crafting anyways. The space only allows one person to workout at a time. DH worksout while I continue sleeping. That means he gets to critique and add to my workouts each day. 

I've posted pics of our random stacking in the front, and with the new blocks which are much tidier to look at. .

Our Old Random Stack | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
New Blocks | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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