Our Second Home - Strange With No Cell Or Internet At Our Spot

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Our New Home In LaConner | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We moved from Birch Bay Thousand Trails down to LaConner. What a difference. It is like night and day between the two locations. Each has its plusses and minuses. Birch Bay was flat and had major water issues. We chose a pull through spot on a hill this time. We did choose a sewer spot again which has been lovely.

We've now been here over a week and the biggest issue is lack of cell or internet access. To check our voicemail or email requires a drive to the family lodge. Most of the time the connection is 3G. I admit to enjoying being forced to take an internet break:) Sometimes I get texts at our spot, but most of the time not. I was even able to chat with my mom for a bit yesterday before the call dropped.

DH worked on our generators. They are now stored safely in boxes attached to the bumper. We had a small fuel leak in the truck that needed fixing and we just picked it up today. We have a pending rental property issue to resolve and then we can head out to the Ocean. I am so excited! It sure does seem like when we think we are ready to head out, something delays us!

I have been crafting but haven't kept the posts up. I want to keep this blog fun, not make it a chore. It is a challenge to find good enough internet to post to my blog. I enjoy finding challenges to participate in and that is so not fun with slow internet.

New Generators | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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