Travel Report - Through Day Four

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Saw Sweetie On Day Three | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Our first days have been spent getting ourselves organized. We have experienced some unforeseen issues with using our broadband data. 1. Steam is a gaming platform that rocks, but it also auto-updates in the background and 2. OneDrive is the devil! I only sync a few folders but made the mistake of switching to DHs login and voila - 2 gig eaten up in short order before I realized that his OneDrive on my laptop had not synced in a while so it was syncing GIGs of data. Ack!  By day three we've burned through 7.5g of data.

On Saturday I made the short drive to visit my old horse. She has a wonderful owner and lives on 10 acres with a younger full sister and a mini named "Tuffy". When I decided to change events (and thus horses) to reining instead of all-around, I bought a long yearling (the age to be broke, but not broke to ride yet). For a person learning a new event, that is not advised, but I had a budget to stick to. This mare ended up being a really great horse to learn reining on and we won a lot together. She was by far the best competition horse I've ever owned, measuring skill, demeanor and willingness.  It's funny seeing her demeanor compared to her full sister. When I bought her, the breeder called her "Sweetie" and try as I might to change it, that name stuck. Unlike her sister who was called "Kisses", very shortly after being brought home, "Kisses" turned into "B" yes the letter, and later "Miss B". To give an example of the difference between the two mares. When I visited, It was lunch time and Sweetie stood there quietly. Miss B felt we were shirking our duties and she deliberately backed up in her stall to the back wall and kicked it…then she walked forward toward us expectantly, she did this twice. So you can take that "B" and make it into any word you want, I can think of many!

After the visit I took the laptop to the lodge and spent hours on the fast free internet installing single person games. I like to play Might and Magic, Diablo knockoffs and original Fallout knockoffs which DH buys through Steam. I also called Verizon and explained our predicament. They took pity on me and gave me 20 gig WITH a credit so I get 20 gig for two months for the same as what were paying for 8 gig. Hopefully this will allow use to figure out to limit our online time correctly. We've successfully turned off OneDrive syncing and we need to make sure Steam is not running in the background. But that does mean we are not fully backed up so there are consequences to working for the most part offline.

It's been POURING out and right now we are surrounded by our own mote! It's awesome, until we want to do something outside. I am SOOOO glad I kept my Muck Boots. I have been wearing them a lot lately. It looks like we will be extending our stay one to two nights. I want to get some electrical issues resolved with the dealership we bought our trailer from and they are right of I-5 on the way down to our next stop.

Overall, I love our trailer and the truck. We still have some kinks to work out, but I am very comfortable with the size and layout. I think it was very wise to live in the trailer the nine months we did prior to travelling. We learned a ton in that time and got to know the quirks and workarounds to the typical limitations of living full time in a trailer. 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!



Love the picture. So great to see you. Sweetie , B and I will keep track of you on the road. Who knows we may cross paths again sooner rather than later.


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