We've Finally Embarked On Our Journey!

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We finally saw a window of opportunity to leave on Thursday 3/23. It was the ONLY low rain % in the forecast, and it was 20% at that. But we figured we were ready enough. Even though this felt like prepping for a long vacation, it wasn't. We were prepping to bring all of our responsibilities and lives with us on this journey so the packing was somewhat different.

We left some of our responsibilities on our "to do" list, which made the mad scramble to leave before 3pm less of a scramble. From now on all of our "to do"s will be coming with us!

It was our first time loading EVERYTHING inside truck and trailer.  We had gotten used to leaving various things out under the trailer, but not this day. We learned a thing or two about our space, some good some not so good.

We were underway by 2:55.

Our trek was a whole 1 hour 20 minutes. A perfect maiden voyage. It was sunny and almost 60. It was a beautiful day for moving.

Upon arrival we discovered that every spot has full hookups, including sewer. WOW, that is luxury for us. We don't have to load up our blue tote to take to the dump station! I signed in for a 5 night stay. Wi-Fi is only at the lodges, not surprising. We knew we will have to up our data to the "unlimited" - which is by the way, very limited! 22 gig max before throttling can begin, and 10 gig for streaming data before throttling, that is NOT what I would call unlimited.

We picked a spot in the middleby the back of the bathrooms (which gives us more green space), in an area of seeming permanent residents. Trailers with decks or a trailer not plugged in etc. I predicted that the folks would not be home during the week, and the one unit diagonal to us that isnt hooked up looks unused, so it might be a summer home only. It was quiet all night and in the morning.

Here's another positive - NO DOGS barking, at all! Which is a miracle because this park is actually in a residential neighborhood, we stare at backyards of homes all around the perimeter. The Thousand Trails we'd visited in the past were out in the sticks, this one is in town. The only negative so far is the low water pressure. We can live with that.

I realized as we drove up that a horse I used to own, who happens to be my favorite horse of all of them that I owned (and there were quite a few!), lives very close by so I texted her lovely owner and arranged a visit on Saturday. What a great way to start my journey, by doing a little reminiscing!


DH (as I will call my husband) decided before we left that he would sneak in a load of laundry. We have a tiny washing mashine with a spinner. It works like a champ and we can dry our clothes either in the bathroom, or by the fireplace. The drying rack we bought has multiple configurations allowing it to fit anywhere. 

My mom took pics of us leaving from her house on the hill.

I took a picture of our spot, now empty - note the dogs racing down to say goodbye.

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