I Am A Monopoly Winner! It Just Feels Good To Win...

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2019 Safeway Monopoly Game - I Won! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I've played the shopping Monopoly game for three years in a row now. I started after retirement because I like detailed busy work and have the free time to put into it. I do travel full time so my family sends me their ticket codes, or pictures of them and I keep track of everyone's ticket codes on my board by a tiny colored dot using small avery removable labels (listed below).

In 2018, I made a video of how I play the board part of the game. I created an updated version for this year's game. I also have a list of the rares on my site (I've linked it below). I mark the rares on my board so I can see which tickets will be difficult to obtain.

The first two years I won at the very end (the game ends May 31st or when tickets run out).

This year I just won...in March. And of all things I won with the few tickets I obtained myself at the local Safeway down here in Arizona.

I've only made it to Safeway twice since the game started. Each time I was given about 16 tickets. My family has sent like 50 tickets worth of numbers if not more, so I was surprised when my fourth ticket I opened had a rare...so I taped it on the board and not two tickets later, the empty spot was filled and I am a winner!

Now it wasn't a big prize or anything, but it sure does feel good to win.

When we next head to Safeway (it is farthest away grocery store from us of course) I will collect my winnings as well as get my free tickets and a couple of free bagels from the coupon part of the game.

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Congrats enjoy your $5.00. It was free...

Congrats enjoy your $5.00. It was free...


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